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Sustainability is integrated into our business model and incorporated in our vision, mission and values statement.

Centennial values its role in sustainable development and will manage all aspects of its activities to consider environmental, economic and social benefits. We are committed to our operations and to continual improvement in health, safety, environment and community management and performance.

Centennial aims to be a long-term supplier of coal and energy to create growth and value in our business. To achieve this aim we recognise the need to be resilient to the ups and downs of economic cycles. Our Vision of being sustainable provides the platform for this resilience. Our ability to continuously improve our performance with respect to the key interacting sustainability drivers, whilst providing a return to our shareholder, Banpu, is the key to our long-term viability.

Our successful growth as a business is linked to our sustainability journey.

Centennial Sustainability Model

Centennial's approach to sustainability means integrating six key areas of sustainability within a framework of governance where risk is managed and innovation encouraged. Our 2016 Year in Review provides a snapshot of Centennial's business, and our performance in the key areas that impact sustainability being finance, health & safety, our people, the environment, the community and climate change. The Review identifies both achievements and challenges and we would welcome any feedback at: sustainability@centennialcoal.com.au

 A more detailed review of our performance is provided in our 2016 Sustainability Report.

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Vision 2020

The centrepiece of Centennial's Sustainability Strategy is called "Vision 2020" and is the strategic platform to tangibly deliver the Company Values.

To be sustainable and to be viable in the long term, Centennial needs to be the best it can. Vision 2020 is part of that journey.

By 2020 we want to:

  • Maintain a reserve base equivalent to 20 years' mining
  • Fully implement the Step Change Productivity (SCP) initiative
  • Enhance our safety culture dimensions by 20%
  • Rehabilitate 50% of available and suitable land
  • Lower our greenhouse gas emissions by 25%
  • Increase community contributions by 100%
  • Double our training and development efforts

Our progress towards Vision 2020 is reported in our annual Year in Review.

Environmental Management

Directors and Management recognise that Centennial Coal's environmental responsibilities go beyond those required under statutory regulations and encompass its social obligations to achieve sustainable development and minimise environmental impacts associated with each operation.

Click here for more on Centennial Coal's Environmental Management.

Community Relations

Centennial recognises both our local neighbours and the broader community as important stakeholders in our business and we aim to maintain effective working relationships with these stakeholders.

Across its sites Centennial has in place a number of active Community Consultative Committees.

New Projects

Centennial has a number of undeveloped coal reserves. These are being progressively developed in line with market demand. Centennial aims to develop new projects in a manner that achieves a balance with economic, environmental and social aspects.

Climate Change

Climate Change response is an important aspect of our business that presents both challenges and opportunities. Centennial believes that our greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, mitigated and offset to near neutral and also that coal will remain a significant energy source in a carbon constrained future and as such low emission technologies are essential. Consequently, Centennial is implementing a Climate Change strategy that combines strategic, operational, commercial and technical aspects of climate change.

Sustainability Reports and Policies

Document Name Size Uploaded
Sustainability Report 2016  1.03MB 22/11/2017
Year in Review 2016   27/04/2017
Year in Review 2015   26/05/2016
Year in Review 2014   20/10/2015
Sustainability Report 2013  2.22 MB 20/03/2014
Sustainability Report 2011 - 2012  38.65 MB 27/08/2013
Sustainability Report 2010  1.95 MB 25/05/2012
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Public Report 2013  0.93 MB 18/12/2013
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Public Report 2012  0.43 MB 27/02/2012
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Public Report 2011  1.42 MB 25/05/2012
Climate Change Response Policy  0.58 MB 25/05/2012