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Centennial Coal is securing its future through the promotion of organic growth at our existing operations and a focus on the management of the Company’s portfolio of mines, including acquisitions, divestments and focused exploration.

The Company has a number of undeveloped coal resources and reserves. These are being progressively developed to meet anticipated market demand. Centennial aims to develop new projects in a manner that achieves a balance between economic, environmental and social considerations.

If you would like to find out more about these projects, please see the document library below where you can find general information about our exploration activities and the exploration titles associated with Centennial’s mines and / or projects.

Exploration Titles Size Uploaded
Airly Colliery 515 KB 07/06/2012
Angus Place Colliery 528 KB 07/06/2012
Charbon Colliery 516 KB 07/06/2012
Clarence Colliery 524 KB 07/06/2012
Inglenook Exploration Project 535 KB 07/06/2012
Ivanhoe Colliery 523 KB 07/06/2012
Mandalong Mine 530 KB 07/06/2012
Mandalong South Project 530 KB 07/06/2012
Mannering Colliery 43 KB 07/06/2012
Myuna Colliery 524 KB 07/06/2012
Newstan Colliery & Newstan Extension Project 532 KB 07/06/2012
Springvale Colliery 533 KB 07/06/2012