Ivanhoe North landscape picture


Operation By Centennial: 100% ownership


Commercial operations:

Ceased 2012


Western Coalfields near Lithgow, NSW

Mining Method:

Open-Cut (truck and shovel rehabilitation)


Domestic and Export - thermal coal


Rehabilitation Project

Coal extracted in 2011:

0.18 million tonnes

Full production capacity:


Remaining coal reserves:





Portable buildings and crusher plant

Main Content

The Ivanhoe North Project was a small three-year open-cut mining operation, which combined the rehabilitation of the old 1940s former open cut operations with the concurrent recovery of the remaining coal.

Ivanhoe was originally known as the Cullen Main West open-cut mine, which operated shortly after World War II. The mine was abandoned in the 1950s and left un-rehabilitated for a number of years, until it was acquired by Centennial.

The mine has been a rehabilitation open-cut truck and shovel operation and ceased production in March 2012. Centennial recovered approximately 610 000 tonnes of coal over a three-year period and has progressively undertaken rehabilitation activities. The main areas requiring rehabilitation included the existing open-cut floor, the angle of repose overburden dumps, coarse reject dumps and abandoned high walls.

Ivanhoe's current remedial works include; backfilling the open cut, land contouring, soil spreading, plant seeding and fertilising, drainage works, removal of buildings and pit top infrastructure. This work is due to be completed by late 2012.

The result of this remedial work is that the once mined areas will be rehabilitated under a monitoring program, with the aim to restore the mined area to match the natural surrounding areas.

Environment Management Plans

Approvals obtained to facilitate mining generally require management plans in consideration of various identified environmental impacts. These plans vary from operation to operation to reflect the operating conditions.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

The Pollution Incident Response Management Plan has been developed to satisfy the requirements of the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) which requires the preparation, implementation and publication of a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.
The objectives of these plans are to provide guidelines and procedures for the effective control and reporting of pollution incidents to all relevant stakeholders.
Whilst personal contact details for the following document are available in the controlled on-site Pollution Incident Response Management Plan, they do not appear in this public document under provision of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

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Environmental Monitoring Data

The following provides a summary of environmental monitoring data undertaken as required by Environment Protection Licences and Approvals. The purpose of this data is to provide the community with meaningful information on the performance of environmental controls.

Ivanhoe North Environment Protection Licence Monitoring Data

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Ivanhoe Number 2 Environment Protection Licence Monitoring Data

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