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The Neubeck Project is an exploration area located near Wallerawang, in the Western Coalfields of NSW, near Lithgow, and is contained within existing mining titles already held by Centennial.

It is proposed that Neubeck supply thermal coal to the local power stations, Wallerawang and Mount Piper, directly from the mine site utilising existing private haul roads, which also have capacity to transfer coal to Lidsdale Siding for export.

The Neubeck Project is anticipated to be a relatively small open-cut operation producing up to 1.2 million tonnes per annum of ROM coal for a period up to 11 years.

Centennial has undertaken exploration drilling since 2005, and more recently, installed groundwater monitoring piezometers. Additionally, in late 2011 and early 2012, Centennial carried out supplementary geological evaluations to assist in determining the feasibility of a future mine.

The project application area has been the site of previous underground mining operations dating back to the 1900s. Open-cut operations were also conducted in the area to the east of proposed mining area in the early 1950s. This project is designed to recover the remaining coal resources in the area while also delivering economic and employment benefits to the local region.

Planning Design and Approvals

The following document(s) relate to the project's approvals and mine design plans.

Project Briefing Paper

A Project Briefing Paper is an overview of the proposed project. It is submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoP&I). The DoP&I uses the information presented in the Project Briefing Paper to determine what information must be included in the Environmental Impact Statement.

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