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Newstan on Care and Maintenance August 2014 with operations under review.


Enquiry and contact details for Newstan Extension Project:

Newstan Mine
Newstan Mine Community Information Hotline: 1800 247 662
For more information on Newstan's operations please click here.

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Community Consultation

Consulting with our communities and keeping them informed of developments at the mine is an important component of our community engagement program. We aim to provide updated project information to our local communities in a variety of ways, which may include:

  • Community Consultative Committees;
  • community information sessions and open days;
  • face-to-face door knocks;
  • regular advertisements in local newspapers;
  • newsletters; and
  • letter box drops.

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Planning Design and Approvals

The following document(s) relate to the project's approvals and mine design plans.

Project Briefing Paper

A Project Briefing Paper is an overview of the proposed project. It is submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoP&I). The DoP&I uses the information presented in the Project Briefing Paper to determine what information must be included in the Environmental Impact Statement.

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