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Banpu is an integrated energy supplier with an active presence across the Asia-Pacific region.

From humble beginnings managing a small lignite operation in the north of Thailand in the early 1980's, Banpu has since grown to become one of the Asia-Pacific region's most integrated and geographically diverse independent energy players, with expertise throughout the supply chain from upstream resource development, through midstream logistics and marketing - to downstream power generation and energy delivery.

Over three decades of consistent growth and development, Banpu has grown into one of the Asia Pacific's regions energy leaders, with widespread experience in the domestic and international coal industry as well as coal-fired power generation. Banpu's commitment centres on the constant development of production and management competencies, harnessing of professional skills and Asian values to lead the company into the global energy industry as in "Integrated Energy Solutions" company.

Banpu has a clear policy in pursing a Greener and Smarter strategy, and a business management philosophy that demonstrates a commitment to lead the company into the new era of energy and sustainability. Banpu operates mainly in coal power and renewable energy in ten countries: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan, the United States of America and Vietnam. 

For further information about Banpu, please click www.banpu.com