Sporting Sponsorship Program


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Centennial Coal has proudly supported local sporting organisations and will continue to support our local sporting communities through the annual sporting sponsorship program.

The program is designed to maximise our engagement with you and your organisation. Centennial supports sporting organisations located in the areas in which we operate.

What steps do I need to take to apply for my sporting organisation?

Applications for sporting sponsorship open in September each year. If you are interested in sponsorship for your sporting organisation please read, complete and submit your application during the month of September.

What comes next?

  • If you are successful you will receive a formal email.
  • You will also receive a sponsorship information form requiring your payment details. We do not issue cheques.
  • You will also receive a sponsorship agreement which you must sign and return in order for your sponsorship to be processed.
  • Both your completed form and agreement must be sent back within two weeks.

Once the forms are completed and returned, what happens next?

  • Your sponsorship arrangement will be carried out.
  • We keep in touch and enjoy a successful sporting year!

Download the application form here.