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“Committed to continual improvement in environmental and community management and performance.”

Environment Strategy

Centennial’s Directors and Management are committed to continual improvement in the environmental management of the Company’s operations and to developing effective community relationships. Centennial recognises the importance of effectively managing the environmental impacts associated with each mine and, over the years, has developed an Environment and Community Policy that commits the Company to continual improvement in its environmental management and performance.

Centennial’s Environment and Community Policy forms part of a broader Environmental Management Strategy. This Environmental Management Strategy has been developed to ensure that Centennial’s strategic outlook for environmental management is more clearly and concisely articulated. The Environmental Management Strategy includes objectives to assist Centennial’s operations in meeting the principles within the Environment and Community Policy. The Strategy is reviewed every year to ensure objectives remain contemporary.

Underpinning the Environmental Management Strategy, Centennial’s Environmental Management System (EMS) reflects the objectives and principles of the strategy and policy.

The dynamic nature of the environment and community expectations means that the Company’s EMS continues to evolve and remains pivotal in guiding the Group’s environmental performance. The EMS sets down procedures and standards for the management of areas of environmental significance and mechanisms whereby the environmental performance of each operation can be measured and assessed, and appropriate action taken where necessary.

Environment Matters

Environment Matters logo
The Centennial environmental logo has been designed to assist in raising the awareness and visibility of the environment and seeks to deliver two messages:
  • the environment matters to Centennial, i.e. it is a fundamental part of Centennial's business; and
  • environmental matters, or elements of the biophysical environment (air, plants and animals, ground/soil and water) that sustain society can be affected by Centennial's activities if not understood and appropriately managed.

Centennial’s Environment and Community Policy, Strategy, Management System and supporting documentation all reflect the environmental logo.

In a branding sense, the motto ‘environment matters’ is designed to be a distinctive reminder of Centennial's aims and commitments.

Environmental Management Framework

Environmental Framework
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