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Centennial's core values of health, wellbeing and safety are reflected in all of the Company’s plans and actions. They are practically applied through strong safety leadership, well developed safety management systems and supported by ongoing safety awareness and skills training… It really is a whole of workplace approach.

Changing Our Approach to Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Safety is a core value at Centennial. The Company places a high importance on the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce. After a review of international best practice, Centennial embarked upon a safety initiative designed to engage the hearts and minds of its workforce. The resulting Step Change in Safety Performance program consists of six key elements focused on understanding the impact of leadership commitment to improved safety outcomes.

The initiative includes a targeted leadership development program for approximately 480 employees in supervisory and management roles and an additional program designed for 860 people in the workforce and support functions. Centennial now talks the same safety language, based around the vision statement of ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe’ at all sites across the group.

The Steps to Change

The primary driver of the Step Change program is to provide all Centennial employees with a greater understanding of the impact of leadership on workplace safety, and that safety is the responsibility of all employees. The Step Change initiative incorporates the idea that to think safely and act safely will create a safe working environment, and in return, will deliver our people home to their families safely.

Step Change is the first step of a proactive program that promotes safety, and general health and wellbeing within the Centennial Group. It is comprised of six major components, being:

  • renewed vision and plans;
  • personal safety plans;
  • safety leadership development;
  • employee engagement;
  • behavioural based processes; and
  • improved incident investigation process training.

The Next Step

Step two in the new safety initiative at Centennial is the Next Step program, which commenced at the beginning of 2012, with the intention of building on the foundation stones laid during the Step Change initiative.

This behavioural safety initiative is an extension of the previous program and is about embedding leadership qualities and tools into our business to prevent injuries from occurring. The key message of this program is that crew by crew, shift by shift, day by day we can work towards a zero harm workplace.

Next Step focuses on the continued development of our 'safety leaders' - the line managers and supervisors – and to provide the leadership tools to assist with employee engagement, positive safety interactions and effective communication strategies.

The program also looks at processes for supporting employees to be healthier through:

  • education and awareness;
  • developing engineering solutions to everyday workplace latent injury mechanisms;
  • integrating Centennial’s Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) objectives, goals and outcomes into the management systems of each site operation through a 'Business Management Framework'; and
  • developing better, more efficient and user friendly health and safety data management and reporting processes.

This program will also use the skills, knowledge and experience of the Centennial workforce to identify potential health and safety matters through active consultation processes such as site HSEC committees, employee engagement meetings and targeted workforce surveys.

To Centennial, health and safety is not just about work and being safe in the workplace, it’s about getting home safely – it’s about family. The Centennial safety motto 'Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe' resulted from an employee competition with an underlying supporting philosophy encouraging that:

  • employees think about their safety before they commence their tasks (‘Think Safe’);
  • concentrate on their safety while they are working (‘Work Safe’); and
  • return home safely to their families after each day’s work (‘Home Safe’).

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