1,000 days injury free for Charbon

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Charbon is leading the way and setting the standard in safety for all Centennial mines, having now reached over 1,000 days Lost Time Injury (LTI) free.

Along with all of Centennial’s operations, Charbon has worked on rolling out Centennial’s safety program, Step Change, which has helped the mine reach this safety milestone.

“The Step Change program has contributed to Charbon’s approach to health and safety,” said John Quinn, Charbon’s Safety Superintendent.

“As a smaller operation it is easier to communicate on a more personal level with the workforce about safety, and we encourage contributions and feedback from the workforce on how to continually improve our safety standards,” he said.

In addition to Step Change, Charbon has introduced a number of safety initiatives to help the mine continue its LTI free streak, such as a site clean-up, introduction of a reverse parking policy to reduce the potential of collisions occurring and improvements in site signage.

Charbon has also implemented site based communication processes to encourage the workforce to be involved in every level of safety and to discuss health related issues such as fatigue management, men’s health, mental health and prostate awareness. For further information on Centennial’s approach to safety, please visit the Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe page or click here .