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2018 Sustainability Report

Read about Centennial's 2018 performance in key areas. View the 2018 report here in pdf.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Water Discharge from Springvale Mine

INFORMATION UPDATE - Water Discharge from Springvale Mine





To comply with the 2015 planning consent granted by the NSW Government, Springvale Mine ceased discharge of water (30Ml/d) at LDP9 (Licenced Discharge Point) into the Upper Coxs River on 30 June 2019.


The long industrial history in Lithgow has resulted in a number of environmental legacy issues.  One issue in particular is the quality of water discharged from local mines.  As new contemporary planning consents extending the life of these mines have been sought, regulators and environmental groups have been successful in securing, in many cases, zero water discharges from mine sites.

Springvale mine is a recent example. In 2015, the NSW Department of Planning approved an extension to the Springvale mine on the condition the quality of water discharged from LDP9 was significantly improved.

In order to meet this condition Centennial and EnergyAustralia sought and secured an approval for a water treatment facility and pipeline to treat water from the mine so it can be used in the cooling systems at Mt Piper Power Station (Mt Piper). This means water from the Springvale mine, which was previously discharged to the Upper Coxs River via LDP9, will now be used by the power station.

With Mt Piper now using water from Springvale the need for them to take water from Fish River has been reduced, which will benefit environmental flows and/or use by local water utilities.


Underpinning over 600 local jobs Springvale mine and Mt Piper are significant contributors to the local economy.  Securing a contemporary planning consent in 2015 has enabled Springvale to continue operating and provide coal to Mt Piper.  However, the result is Springvale, as of 30 June 2019, will no longer discharge mine water via LDP9 into the Upper Coxs River.


July 2019

HVTC Excellence Awards 2019

Centennial was named Large Host Employer of the Year at the 2019 Hunter Valley Training Company (HVTC) Excellence Awards.

Bathurst Resources

Centennial expertise in demand in New Zealand

Centennial’s stakeholder engagement and social impact in-house expert, headed across the ditch to New Zealand to headline a seminar on the importance of engaging effectively with stakeholders.

Safety Win for Myuna

Safety Win for Myuna

Centennial’s Myuna mine in West Lake Macquarie has taken top honours in the safety excellence category at the state-wide NSW Minerals Council 2019 Health, Safety, Environment and Community Conference Awards.

New Shade for Bushfire Brigade

New Shade for Bushfrire Brigade

Training for firies in the Clarence Dargan Rural Bushfire Brigade will go ahead rain, hail or shine thanks to a significant grant from our Clarence mine operation.
Airly Mine Makes the News

Airly Mine Makes the News

Airly mine hosted Samara and Tom from WIN News, a regional TV outlet, for a day in February.
Save Our Cables Programme

Save Our Cables Programme

Myuna Colliery has tackled the accepted culture of damaging cables.  Myuna uses underground mining equipment that has a cable to each unit supplying the electricity required.

Sharing with Others

Sharing with Others

Centennial Coal has helped to host visitors to Lithgow from twelve different African countries.

Heaven Can Wait Sailing Regatta

Heaven Can Wait is an annual sailing Regatta hosted by the Royal Cruising Yacht Club Toronto, on Lake Macquarie and raising money for cancer support services. Centennial Coal has been a sponsor of this annual event for several years.