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2018 Sustainability Report

Read about Centennial's 2018 performance in key areas. View the 2018 report here in pdf.


Media Statement River Clean Up Update

Following the environmental incident at Clarence Colliery on 2 July 2015, the clean up of the Wollangambe River (Wollangambe) continues.


Media Statement Myuna Colliery Restructure

Centennial Coal (Centennial) is restructuring Myuna Colliery, which is located at Wangi Wangi in Western Lake Macquarie.

Springvale returns to work

Springvale returns to work

The Springvale workforce will be able to return to work on Friday (October 16).

Due to the prolonged delays in securing the approvals required to allow mining to continue at Springvale, Centennial Coal had no option other than to stand down the majority of the Springvale workforce from August 21.


Media Statement Wollangambe River Clean Up Progress

The clean up of the Wollangambe River is continuing following the environmental incident at Clarence Colliery on 2 July 2015.


Media Statement - Wollangambe River Clean-Up Underway

On Thursday, 2 July there was an environmental incident at Clarence Colliery.

Since the incident a specialist team has continued to oversee the clean up which to date has seen:

  • the erection of twenty-two (22) sediment fences
  • the holding cell wall repaired
  • over four hundred metres closest to the Wollangambe River cleaned up by hand
  • machinery introduced to complement the clean up by hand (in the area closest to the holding cell wall)


Centennial Coal (Centennial) is fully compliant with the EPA’s first ‘Clean-Up Notice’.


Media Statement Clarence

On Thursday 2nd July there was an environmental incident at Clarence Colliery.

The incident involved the overflow of material from a holding cell in the reject emplacement area. All relevant agencies and authorities were notified and Centennial has continued to work with these bodies. 

The priority continues to be minimising the impact to the environment and Centennial is achieving this through its management of the incident.

The twenty-two (22) sediment fences erected between the mine site and the Wollangambe River continue to be inspected daily, to prevent the movement of any further material.

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Banpu Australia and Centennial Coal (Centennial) had the pleasure of hosting a team of delegates from the Royal Thai Consulate General (Sydney) on 26 November 2014.

Underground Boot an Industry Winner

Underground Boot an Industry Winner

Each year Centennial Coal participates, along with other miners from across New South Wales, in the NSW Minerals Council Health and Safety Innovation Awards.  Centennial took out the coveted 2014 innovation award with its underground mining boot.  Not just a boot, but a first of its kind - a “fit for purpose” boot, combining the best features of the leather boot and the gumboot.

Or Drought Proofing Lithgow

Drought Proofing Lithgow

Clarence Colliery (Clarence) has been supplementing Lithgow’s water supply for many, many years, 20 years in fact.  Water is drawn from underground at Clarence to enable the safe extraction of the coal, transferred and treated, before augmenting the town supply from Farmers Creek Dam.