Airly Mine Reopening

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Centennial Coal (Centennial) will reopen its Airly Mine (Airly) at Capertee and utilise its experienced Charbon Colliery (Charbon) workforce.  Charbon after over 90 years of mining will deplete its coal reserves by 2015.  While open cut mining will continue until 2015 Charbon’s underground operations will cease next month.

 “This is an opportunity to use most of our experienced Charbon workforce and therefore minimise overall retrenchments at the end of the month”, said Centennial’s General Manager Western Operations, Mick Cairney.

 “We have every confidence those being redeployed will breathe a new lease of life into our Airly Mine”, Mr Cairney concluded.

 Airly was placed on Care and Maintenance in December 2012 in response to the economic climate at the time.  While there has not been a significant upturn in the sector it allows Centennial to sustain current production levels across the group.  Since 2012 Centennial has continued with a project to renew Airly’s Planning Consent.  The consent renewal seeks approval to operate in the existing approved mining lease as well as an extension of mining into the areas that are currently licenced for exploration.  

Redeployment commences next week in stages over several weeks and  Airly is expected to start producing coal in March.

For further information contact:
Katie Brassil, General Manager External Affairs, on 0419 356 690

17 February 2014