Charbon plants the seed

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If you live in the Central West Region of NSW and have been tuning into your local ABC radio station or reading the local paper, you may have heard of Charbon’s Environment and Community Coordinator, Matt Gray, speak of Charbon’s impressive Seedbank and Rehabilitation project.

If not, here is a quick run-down. Centennial’s Charbon Mine has successfully rejuvenated and rehabilitated 62 hectares of once mined land with its one of a kind seed bank project. Matt Gray, the Mine’s Environment and Community Officer, has driven the project to help restore the once mined areas and ensure it matches the natural surrounding habitat.

After hearing and reading of Charbon’s seedbank project, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) contacted the mine to learn more about the project.

“We have been talking to RMS Environmental Officer, Allan Ryan, about our project and we were more than happy to donate some of our Eucalyptus Cannonii (Capertee Stringybark) seed, which is a local listed vulnerable species, to kick start RMS’s rehab work in the Central West Region,” said Charbon’s Matt Gray.

RMS will use the seeds to grow tube stock to one day plant along disturbed areas near road works in the Central West.

“We have gradually been acquiring seeds over the last five years and we have amassed over 380kg of native seeds which covers 38 different species found in the region,” he said.

“These seeds have all been sourced from our local seed collectors, Sue and Mike Pridmore, and it is great to see other industries jumping on board with this type of rehab work,” concluded Matt.

To find out more about Charbon’s Seeding Program, watch our video to see Matt talk about how the seed bank is contributing to biodiversity of rejuvenated lands.