Combined CCC visits the Mines Rescue Station

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As a break from the traditional forum of Community Consultation Committee (CCC) meetings, the Angus Place and Springvale Combined CCC recently visited the local Mines Rescue Station in Lithgow.

“The Mines Rescue Station provided the CCC an excellent opportunity to experience what it’s like at the coal face in a safe, controlled environment while allowing us to talk them through a typical mining operations activities,” said Angus Place Mine Manager, Brian Nicholls.

In conjunction with Coal Services, Mines Rescue has developed the most advanced real world simulator of its kind using virtual reality technologies to create an accurate and realistic virtual underground mining environment.

“We thought the Mines Rescue experience would be a great way for the CCC to gain a more holistic perspective of the mining industry and from the feedback they provided, they found it to be a highly valuable experience.”

“They certainly see the benefit of having such an excellent facility for the coal mining industry within the local community,” continued Brian.

Angus Place and Springvale Colliery have recently established a combined CCC, to provide the community a single, effective communication channel regarding the activities of these neighbouring operations.