Flying high at Rathmines

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The Rathmines Catalina Festival had a lot to celebrate in its sixth year, with the Festival not only attracting approximately 20,000 visitors but also having one of its largest aviation displays to date.

To support the Festival, Centennial held a community stall at the event which proved a hit with Festival goers young and old alike.

“Centennial has supported the Rathmines Catalina Festival from the start, and it was great to see Centennial hold its community stall, which was quite a popular spot to visit,” said Event Organiser, Nicole Charlesworth.

With a display of mine maps, information flyers, newsletters, mining equipment and Centennial employees on hand for a chat, the Centennial stall was busy from the very start of the day.

“We were blown away by the interest the community showed in our stall and it was a great to see so many of them just calling in for a general chat and asking questions while looking at our displays to get a better understanding of our local operations,”

 “The kids even enjoyed dressing up in miner’s outfits equipped with cap lamp and all,” said Centennial’s James Wearne.

The show stopper at this year’s Festival was the landing of the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society’s fully restored Catalina which was open for public inspection.

To add to the Festival’s community spirit was the vast array of market stalls, live entertainment a vivid art exhibition by the Wangi Art Group and amusement rides.

“The Catalina Festival not only pays homage to Rathmines WWII heritage but is also a celebration of our community spirit which is largely shown through the participating organisations such as Centennial,” concluded Nicole.