Hard Hat Recycling a Win for Sustainability

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Hard hat recycling a win for Sustainability

Hard hats are an essential part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by miners. Every three years all hard hats are replaced to ensure they continue to meet safety standards.   

Centennial is part way through rolling out a hard hat replacement program, replacing 1,500 hard hats.  Thanks to the efforts of Stephen Field our Group Manager Health, Safety and Training and our waste management and PPE providers the project has been a huge success.  All old hats have been retrieved prior to a new hat being issued.

The good news for the environment is these old hard hats that would generally go to landfill, have been placed into separate bins and will be recycled into a post-consumer product through a plastic recycling company to make park benches.  It is estimated the old hard hats will have another life making about nine benches for local projects.  This is also another way we of keeping our waste out of landfill.

Our people have supported this initiative which delivers great environmental outcomes whilst also reinforcing the importance of safety to our people.