Media Statement - Wollangambe River Clean-Up Underway

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On Thursday, 2 July there was an environmental incident at Clarence Colliery.

Since the incident a specialist team has continued to oversee the clean up which to date has seen:

  • the erection of twenty-two (22) sediment fences
  • the holding cell wall repaired
  • over four hundred metres closest to the Wollangambe River cleaned up by hand
  • machinery introduced to complement the clean up by hand (in the area closest to the holding cell wall)


Centennial Coal (Centennial) is fully compliant with the EPA’s first ‘Clean-Up Notice’.

Centennial has received a second Clean-Up Notice from the EPA outlining the requirements for the ongoing clean-up of the Wollangambe River.

Under the direction of the relevant State agencies a trial of the methods to be used for the clean-up of the river has been underway since 6 August 2015.These clean-up trials have been successful and Centennial has now commenced a clean-up of the Wollangambe River. 


Centennial is using a number of clean-up methods to remove any coal fines, with approximately one kilometre of riverbed already benefiting from clean-up activities. To limit downstream movement of any coal fines in the river six in-stream barriers have been strategically erected. The removal of coal fines will be done using hand tools and will also include a small suction pump.


Centennial will provide a progress report to the EPA, including a further update with respect to the length of the river that has been cleaned and the quantity of coal fines removed by 15 September 2015.


The cause of the incident continues to be investigated.


24, August 2015


All external enquiries must be directed to:

Katie Brassil (Executive General Manager External Affairs)

Phone: 4935 8937 Mobile: 0419 356 690   Email: