New technologies for Centennial's operations

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Over the past two and a half years, Centennial Coal has been investing in new technology to lower its emissions from the use of diesel powered mining equipment.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has commenced a review that aims to benchmark the performance of diesel powered mobile equipment used at coal mines across NSW. The review also aims to reduce diesel exhaust emissions into the environment.

“We have been working across all of our mine sites to implement ‘new generation’ diesel engine packages for our fleet of mining equipment which operates both underground and across Centennial’s surface facilities.”

“The new generation technology includes the use of ‘tier three’ engines which are more efficient and will allow us to meet the EPA’s standards of reducing our operations diesel exhaust emissions,” said Centennial’s Paul Williams.

Not only is Centennial implementing new technologies to reduce its emissions, but it is also playing an active role in the EPA’s review by supplying comprehensive diesel exhaust emissions monitoring data and assessments of its engineering practices.

“With the implementation of this new technology the results will see an improvement in Centennial’s employee health and safety standards and practices, better environmental performance and  lower operating costs across all of our mines,” concluded Paul.