Save Our Cables Programme

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Myuna Colliery has tackled the accepted culture of damaging cables.  Myuna uses underground mining equipment that has a cable to each unit supplying the electricity required.Up to 30 machine cables were damaged a month resulting in safety, productivity and cost implications.

Myuna introduced a comprehensive cable management system which included consultation, education, awareness and accountability successfully reducing the amount of cables damaged.

Myuna has experienced a 63% reduction in cable damage. The cost of repairs has reduced from $400k to $170k annually, there are fewer injuries associated with cable handling and reduced downtime has resulted in approximately 25,000 tonnes of coal.

“The culture has significantly improved resulting in a reduction in injuries and increased productivity efficiencies and cost savings”, said Mal Yule, Myuna’s Mine Manager.

This initiative received industry recognition as a finalist in the Safety section of the NSW Minerals Councils annual awards.