Mannering landscape

Mannering Colliery

Operates under a production sharing arrangement with LDO's Chain Valley Colliery

Commenced Operations

Operatorship transferred to LDO in October 2013


Newcastle Coalfields near Morisset, NSW

Mining Method

Underground (Continuous Miner)


Domestic - thermal coal

Production Approval

1 million tonnes per annum


Dedicated conveyor to Vales Point Power Station


Overland Coal Conveyor

Main Content

Mannering is a small underground thermal coalmine located at Mannering Park in southern Lake Macquarie. Centennial acquired Mannering, which was on ‘care & maintenance’, when it purchased the NSW Government’s state-owned mines (Powercoal) in 2002.  Mannering was reopened in 2004 to supply coal via a dedicated overland conveyor direct to Vales Point Power Station.

Centennial placed Mannering on ‘care & maintenance’ in January 2013.  In October 2013, Centennial entered into a production sharing arrangement with LDO's Chain Valley Colliery.  Accordingly, LDO has assumed responsibility for all site matters for the duration of the Mining Cooperation Deed.